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Your ability to finance your customers directly affects your ability to stay viable as a business reaching your maximum lease threshold with your financial institution only means that sales are up and business is booming. The last thing you need is for sales and business growth to be stifled by funding caps or a nervous financing resource.
You need a bank that understands the nature of your business. One that has the versatility and foresight to understand your business and see the big picture. Continental Bank is an FDIC insured financial institution with extensive lending capacity. We’re a single funding source that does business nationally with a specific interest in commercial equipment leases.
We pride ourselves in our ability to listen to unique business situations, and then work hard to formulate out-of-the-box solutions. We’re in business to do business – and ultimately view your success as ours.
Looking for a creative way to extend your lease capacity? Need a versatile, business savvy financial partner that can help you fund more deals and grow your business? Contact Continental Bank today. We’ll listen to the specifics of your situation, put the creative wheels in motion, and formulate a solution you can bank on.